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At one time there were more than 100 mining pit operations in or near Chisholm, which is located in the heart of northern Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range.

The Mesabi, Vermilion, & Cuyuna iron ranges make up the largest concentration of iron ore in the world.

The site includes a ‘virtual egg carton’ with rocks displayed there.

My dad got a kick out of that as, when he was a small boy, he kept his special rocks in a rock carton.

People often look for them on the banks or at the mouths of rivers, in gravel pits, or in other places where pebbles and gravel abound.

Fossils may be found throughout the state of Minnesota, but are more common in certain areas.

As the surrounding volcanic rock was worn away by erosion or the scouring action of glaciers, agates were released from the lava and moved to other places.

Visitors can go almost a half-mile below the surface to view the world of underground mining.

Opened in 1883, the Soudan Mine is Minnesota's oldest and deepest iron ore mine.

Visitors can take a cave tour and see stalactites (calcite deposits hanging from the cave roof) and stalagmites (calcite deposits rising from the cave floor).

Visitors also can see standing pools and flowstone that formed when groundwater saturated with calcium carbonate evaporated within a rock cavity.

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The entrance to Minnesota’s longest-known cavern is five miles west of the main park.

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