Gratig sex dati

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Gratig sex dati

Person A: I was afraid and I feel like that mostly has to do with my initial doctor telling me that there is no one else like me in the world which to a 13 year old is pretty horrible to hear.

As a 17 year old girl I definitely didn’t want what was wrong with me to have anything to do with testicles. It was a traumatic experience and day, preceded by a lot of other traumatic poking, prodding, and behavior.

I don't have an official diagnosis, and often with intersex condition, that's the case.

The best I could get is gonadal dysgenesis, which is a fancy way of saying that my gonads (would-be ovaries or testes in the womb) never developed into anything.

It was my infertility that caused the most distress.

I worried that future lovers would reject me because I wasn't all female and couldn't reproduce.

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I have one ovary, a uterus, and a vagina (via vaginaplasty and labiaplasty) behind my scrotum, but I also have a functional penis and one testicle. Let me tell you — the only thing more awkward than going through puberty is going through puberty.)Woman B: I found out two weeks after my 16th birthday.

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