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However, many times we force kids to do something the “right way”, when it could have been done in several ways.

If a child is coloring the grass purple, it is easy to tell them it must be green.

Either way, the child is allowed to express their thoughts or concerns and feel validated without an argument. First, it creates anxiety and fear in the child, especially of the person who you are going to tell about whatever happened.

Train yourself to say what you want them to do instead of what you don’t. Notice the common element is starting with the word “you” and then acknowledging what they worked at, rather than what you think about it.

So, you can say “Walk, please” instead of “No running”. Children are programmed to question, analyze and wonder about situations.

Parents tend to want control all of the time, and it takes work to allow kids to have freedom to do what they choose.

Of course, there will be times when a task must be completed in a certain fashion (homework, etc.).

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Second, it ignores your responsibility to deal with the issue at hand and passes it to someone else.

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